DIY butterfly & single/split stator capacitor kits, parts and accessories

cad drawing of plates

Welcome to Monarch Capacitors! Here you will find the solutions to your variable capacitor needs. Whether you are building a Magnetic Loop Antenna, Antenna Tuner or any other RF project that calls for the use of a butterfly type of capacitor, we are here to help. At Monarch we offer the critical components required for you to construct that perfect custom air variable capacitor that will meet your needs. All of our quality components are designed and manufactured by Monarch Capacitors in North America. Please visit our Products page to learn about our current offerings.

To build your butterfly style variable capacitor using our plates, visit our Calculator tool and simply enter the maximum capacitance you require in pF, along with the Maximum Breakdown Voltage in kV, and you will be presented with the recommended plate size, quantity of plates, and the exact spacing between plates that your capacitor will require.

For those of you who like to build your projects completely form scratch, then try the Resources page as you will find templates you can use to cut your own plates, along with formulas, tips and techniques on building capacitors.

If you do not find what you are looking for, and would like us to build a complete capacitor for you, or even have custom sized plates made, please visit our Contact page and drop us a line with your requirements and we will do our best to help you. Otherwise, check out the FAQ section for the most commonly asked questions regarding variable capacitors and butterfly capacitors in particular.